We live progress

We are a destination with deep cultural roots and historical achievements, which with its exceptional life energy creates local stories with international potential.

Maribor was the fastest growing city in the country until World War II when the occupier leveled to the ground 47% of all its buildings.

But Maribor rose again! Within Yugoslavia, it became one of the largest economic and industrial centers of the country and the region.

Thanks to the courage and resistance of the people of Maribor in the early 1990s, Slovenia celebrated the 30th anniversary of its independence this year.

Our story doesn’t end here… in fact, it begins. Previous generations have left us a strong legacy – persistance, ingenuity, hard work and modesty at the same time.

These are all much needed to turn local stories into global success. We are home to many internationally renowned companies, innovations, one of the most powerful supercomputers in Europe and space technology.

Take part in the high-tech economy of the future.

Why Maribor?

Forget where you have been, what you have seen and experienced.
Open your mind and heart to new adventures you’ll remember for years to come.

World’s Oldest Vine

The oldest part of the city, Lent, is home to a Guinness record holder – the oldest vine in the world! The more than 400-year-old vine climbs the façade of the former city walls, nowadays the Old Vine House. It is the centre for visitors and a well-stocked wine shop of excellent wines of the Štajerska region. The pride of the city is the annual wine and culinary Old Vine Festival.


City of Festivals

Choose between the largest Slovenian open-air festival with world-renowned international artists – Lent, a festival of electronic music – Stellar Beat, the most prestigious theatre festival in Slovenia – Maribor Theatre Festival, an opera spectacle under the stars – Night of the Opera, festival of chamber music and symphonic works – Festival Maribor and The Old Vine Festival.

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Green Destination

Touch the green and unspoiled nature. Head out to explore the Pohorje rainforest, visit the Lovrenc Lakes and the Black Lake, feel the freshness of the Veliki Šumik and Mali Šumik waterfalls. Take a walk in one of the most beautiful city parks in Slovenia, surrounded by wine-growing hills or explore some of the green oases.

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Capital of Culture

Add a cultural touch to your Maribor experience. Visit one of many museums and galleries or events. Here are a few suggestions. Enjoy a pleasant evening in the Slovene National Theatre Maribor – SNG Maribor and take a look inside one of the most remarkable architectonic monuments of our city, Maribor Castle. Don’t forget to explore the surrounding squares and one of the oldest preserved synagogues in Europe.

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University City

The University of Maribor is the second largest in the country and is with its nineteen member institutions turning Maribor into a central development institution attracting talented students from all over the world. It’s the place of many successful stories, including the birth of the first Slovene nanosatellite going into space. The University ranks among the best global universities.

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Culinary Route

Are you a gourmet and hungry for new culinary experiences? Then pack your bag and come. Treat yourself to excellent Štajerska cuisine. If your first stop is to discover authentic traditional cuisine, remember the words: žganci z ocvirki, pohorski pisker and gibanica. If you want to taste the culinary creations of Maribor’s master chefs, visit House Denk, Mak Restaurant or Restaurant 7.

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But wait a minute.

Do you even know where we are?

Well now that we know each other a little better, it's time for me to introduce myself.

“Hello … it’s me … the oldest vine in the world from the city of Maribor, Slovenia.
I have seen it all in more than 400 years of living, so let me tell you a story with the help of my local friends that will make you want to experience Maribor.”

Come hungry

Taste the traditional cuisine or reach the Michelin stars

We have it all – from prestigious restaurants on world-class level like Mak Restaurant and the Denk House, to authentic local restaurants such as Pri treh ribnikih.

Meet traditional in a modern way and enjoy culinary innovations inspired by the moment in the restaurant without a menu.

See, Taste & Feel

Taste & Feel

Big Guy’s Wine Highlights

Set out on a five-star wine journey. Embark on a wine pilgrimage on one of the most beautiful Slovenian wine routes. Enhance your wine culture in the company of a top sommelier and taste the fusion of Štajerska wine varieties and selected local cuisine. Learn about winemakers of the Štajerska region and capture a magical moment of the famous heart between vineyards, one of the most beautiful vistas in Slovenia.

Wine tasting

Drava Cycling Route

Discover all the colours of the Drava River and its surroundings. Take a cycling route that connects Slovenia and Croatia. It starts near the Austrian border, goes 145 km through the Slovenian countryside, reaches Croatia and flows all the way to Legrad, where it is joined by the Mura River. Simply follow the red markings, which turn blue in Croatia. The route is very special because you can taste various traditional dishes and enjoy the hospitality of the locals along the way.


Heart-Shaped Road

Visit the famous heart-shaped road! Near the Austrian border, there is a lovely road that winds between vineyards, creating a special romantic atmosphere. The view is beautiful at any time of the year – the shape of the road is especially visible in winter and autumn, while in spring and summer, it is embellished by green surroundings. Take your loved one on a romantic journey through Svečinske gorice, the home of excellent wine.

Romantic view

Chocolate Village

Enjoy an unforgettable stay at the Chocolate village by the Drava River. Relax in a peaceful environment with unlimited amounts of chocolate. Get to know Teta Frida’s legendary chocolate manufactory from up close. Turn into a chocolate chef for a day, enjoy in an internationally awarded chocolate temptation. Indulge in a chocolate massage or simply take a sauna with a hot tub on the tree.

Luxury glamping

Rafting on the Drava River

Experience the past tradition of rafting on the River Drava. Let the raftsmen and their girls show you the magic of this very respected job of the past. Their positive attitude to life and culinary specialities will give you an unforgettable rafting experience. Experience the most autochthonal raft in Slovenia. The Rafting trio will play local music while you taste delicious traditional dishes.


Hike & Bike

Explore the numerous hiking trails on Pohorje, leading through forests, lakes and waterfalls, opening up to magnificent views. Or discover the natural riches of the wider surroundings of Maribor’s City Park – Piramida, Kalvarija and Mestni hrib. Do you prefer cycling? If you are a mountain cyclist, take one of the tracks on Pohorje, otherwise take a sporty or family-oriented track. We have something for everyone!


Walking experience

Being small is our advantage. Forget about the bus schedule and looking at the clock while enjoying good food. Maribor is a small city you can easily get across with a bicycle or even by foot.


City that lives...

Maribor is a city of international festivals, as well as popular sports events!

Golden Fox

Experience the unforgettable atmosphere that accompanies the Annual Golden Fox Competition. A classical women’s competition in Maribor for the FIS Ski World Cup! The event has been held on Maribor’s Pohorje since 1964 and it consists of slalom and giant slalom races. Ideal venue and an excellent organisation are two more reasons why you need to experience the event.

FIS women world cup

Festival Lent

For more than a quarter of a century, at the beginning of summer, Maribor has been transformed into a gigantic stage and a lively junction of artistic expressions, cultures and languages from around the world. Every year it welcomes about half a million visitors. It hosts the world-renowned international CIOFF festival Folkart, the international jazz music festival Jazzlent, the Ana Desetnica street theatre festival and many more.

Open-air festival

Festival Maribor

An annual autumnal musical festivity, wrapping the city of Maribor in yellow. The programme is created in collaboration with both domestic and foreign co-producers and musicians and it consists mainly of chamber music and symphonic works. Some of the ensembles participate in a kind of music laboratory, where musicians can collaborate and prepare a concert line-up presented only during the festival. Unique experience awaits you!

International festival of chamber music

Night of the Opera

Enjoy the most beautiful opera arias from the Italian, French and Slovenian opera treasuries and experience an unforgettable romantic night at the magnificent conclusion of the opera season. A traditional concert of opera arias and choirs, organised by SNG Maribor, is enjoyed by opera and classical music lovers, as well as many passersby.

Opera spectacle under the stars

The Old Vine Festival

A 3 day event honouring the 450-year-old Guinness world record holder, the oldest vine in the world. Join us in celebrating the symbol of the Slovenian noble drop in Maribor. Taste the local products, take part in wine and culinary evenings, concerts and numerous experiences in Maribor and the surrounding area. Meet the best Štajerska and Slovenian winemakers.

Wine, culinary and cultural event

UCI Mountain Bike World Cup

Maribor is strengthening its position as a reliable and trustable organizer at the highest level. The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) has put Maribor on the map for years by booking the Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup. Each year it returns with a great deal of downhill and cross-country action. Rocks, roots and a challenging forest section are a solid test for the competitors.

Sport event

the Show

Cultures in Maribor

The Slovenian National Theatre Maribor is the largest cultural institution in our state that has enriched the Slovenian cultural space for almost a century. It is the only theater in Slovenia and one of the few in Europe with its own drama, opera, ballet and concert productions.

Under one roof, it brings together artists who, with their ideas, charisma, virtuosity and sensitivity, maintain a high (post-)creative level of cultural events that are rewarded with praise and warm response from audiences and critics.

Maribor 365

No matter the weather, Maribor is always the right destination. If you are a snow lover, hop on the city ski slope of Maribor, which is a gathering place for those on skis, boards or sleighs. And after a full day of varied experiences, join an authentic “čaga” (party) of the Štajerska region! To regenerate and relax, enjoy a wellness pampering on or under Pohorje.

If you are more of a summer type, hiking, cycling or water activities are your favourite. Embark on a bike ride along the Drava River, through Pohorje or ride a winding road through the vineyards.

To see the city from a unique perspective, treat yourself to one of the water activities – a traditional raft, a SUP, a kayak or a canoe.

Take a hike through the picturesque nature of Maribor’s Pohorje. The choice is yours!

“My Maribor is an urban oasis in the middle of beautiful nature and here is my playground. Dear friends from all over the world, come for a visit that will stay in your heart forever. ”

Luka Šulić Virtuoso cello player at 2Cellos

Through music to space…

They say music can take you to the heights. If you have ever experienced a live performance by 2Cellos, you know that’s true. In Maribor, this statement has even taken a tangible form, as it is the place where the first Slovenian nanosatellite was born and sent into space.

“In Maribor, we developed and launched the first Slovenian satellite into orbit, which is also special on a global scale.”

Iztok Kramberger
Founder of SkyLabs and professor


From a small town to the whole wide world


Many successful global business stories that have their roots in Maribor are proof that the city has everything entrepreneurs need to succeed: infrastructure, international connections, organized business zones, access to capital, knowledge and technologies, and support services.

We also have a strong startup community and a supportive environment for the development of innovative entrepreneurship. Every year in May Maribor is the location of one of Europe’s best startup & tech events – Podim. It brings together renowned international investors, established corporations, and startups & scaleups from the Alps-Adriatic and Western Balkans regions.

Why to invest in Maribor? www.investinmaribor.com

Get to know some successful Maribor stories.

From a small town to the whole wide world

Startup Highfly is developing Efoil Flying Rodeo, hovering 1 m above the water with a speed of up to 50 km/h. The company is also a supplier of special propellers for the 5 biggest players in the water sports market.

Made in Maribor, loved in London. Equaleyes Solutions is an award-winning software development company based in London and Maribor. They develop web and mobile apps for companies that have millions of active users.

Meet hand-crafted wooden dollhouses miniature furniture and accessories that found its place all over Europe, Australia, Canada, USA and China. Made by the young artist Eva Kancler.

Drinking Water

In Maribor, you can drink from any water pipe. The quality of water is so high you can forget about buying bottled water. The company Mariborski vodovod has been taking care of our drinking water for more than a century. It has a 1,400-kilometre-long supply network, 178 reservoirs, seven pumping stations and 38 wells, and supplies one-tenth of Slovenia’s population with drinking water.


Cycling Routes

Because of the location, we attract cyclists and mountain bikers alike to the region. Sunny vineyards around the city, the green forests of the mountains, streams and rivers such as the famous Drava, as well as other natural highlights and vantage points offer beautiful routes on two wheels. Are you a mountain biker? Choose among 3,464 cycle routes to explore. Cycling through the city? Sure. Follow the red path.


Our Own Power Source

We dreamed of energy independence 100 years ago. Ever since Hidroelektrarna Fala (the biggest power station in Europe at the time) started supplying energy to the network. Hidroelektrarne Maribor is a nationally important hydropower company and the largest producer of electricity from renewable sources in Slovenia – they produce about 25% of the total electricity in the country.


Eco Friendly Urban Garden

The first community of urban eco garden came to life in Maribor during the European Capital of Culture. It all started in Borova vas near Pohorje. Over the years, the garden became a place for socializing, growing food and an opportunity to broaden one’s horizons about self-sufficiency and ecologically grown food. Welcome to the green thinking Maribor.

Food self-sufficiency

Free Education

From primary school to university – education is free.

The education system as a whole is split into three levels – primary school, secondary school (vocational, technical and general programs) and vocational college or university (tertiary education). The basic public elementary schooling in Slovenia is fully obtainable by all children.


Green Jungle in the City

Maribor is a unique city that offers a life in the embrace of nature. The surrounding hills root deep beneath the city streets and create a great foundation for the growth of greenery around every corner. No matter which street you walk through, your eyes will always find something green to rest on.


Standard of Living

Maribor is considered a safe city, as in fact all of Slovenia (which was among the 10 safest countries in the world, and was the safest country for children in 2018). It offers many green areas, high-quality air and drinking water, as well as the immediate vicinity of the natural forests.

Not to forget that Slovenia is on the list of eco-friendly destinations to visit in 2021 and European Region of Gastronomy 2021.
Forbes also placed Slovenia among its 20 best places to visit next year.

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Photo credits: Muzej narodne osvoboditve Maribor, Quadrofoil d.o.o., Goldenfox.org, Narodni dom, SNG Maribor, Marko Pigac, Zavod za turizem Maribor, Luka Šulić personal archive, Iztok Kramberger personal archive.